How it works

Navigating the site

This site is based on the scientific (Latin) plantnames. When you click on one of links to the left, a page appears on which all plant genera starting with an A are displayed. The number between brackets behing each genus gives the number of species and varieties per genus. By clicking another letter on the upper beam you will the genera names starting with that letter.

By clicking on a plantgenus a page with all species and varieties appears of that genus with a small image. By next clicking on a species or variety you get a page with large images.

Navigating back is a very easy by pushing the space bar, enter key or left arrow key.

Ordering images.

The images on this site are available for different purposes (websites, folders, periodicals, books etc.).
All images are available in high resolution if required.
Images on the site can be added to a collection list. This collection list can be viewed and changed afterwards. To make a request of the images on the collection list, a form must be filled. On this form the purpose, required format, etc can be indicated. With this information (and the number of requested images) the price wil be determined and an offer will be sent to you. You can also, before making your collection list, ask for a price indication (click here).

For nurseries.

For nurseries there is the possibility to place a link to your website on every plant on this site, that you have in your catalogue. This way people with an interest for a plant are directed to you.
For more information about this service click here.